High Performance Security

The world’s most demanding web sites trust HAProxy Enterprise as their frontline defense to a myriad of attacks. HAProxy Enterprise delivers peace of mind by immobilizing threats at the edge without sacrificing the best-in-class performance that it’s known for.

HAProxy Enterprise detects and stops DDoS attacks, brute force and credential stuffing attempts, web scraping, and vulnerability scanning. With advanced logging, it identifies intrusion attempts and assures protocol compliance.


Multilayered Security

Identifying and stopping threats in today’s ever-changing security landscape requires a multilayered approach. HAProxy delivers peace of mind by immobilizing threats at the edge without sacrificing the best-in-class performance that it’s known for.


LAYER 1 – Access Control Lists (ACLs)

The first layer is our flexible Access Control Lists (ACLs). They match on custom-defined criteria, allowing you to make routing decisions and implement protection mechanisms based on anything found within the request/response headers or metadata. You can easily create policies that match clients and requests by IP range, SSL data, headers or paths, geolocation, and device type.

ACL, Map files, and TLS ticket keys can be updated from a central location at a defined interval using the dynamic update module included in HAProxy Enterprise.

LAYER 2 – Client Fingerprinting

The second layer provides the ability to identify a client regardless of user-agent or IP address. HAProxy Enterprise generates a fingerprint for clients allowing for identification from the very first request.

Client fingerprinting is very useful for identifying bots and vulnerability scanners.

LAYER 3 – Realtime Cluster-wide Tracking

The third layer of defense deploys behavior-analysis across your entire cluster of proxies. HAProxy Enterprise performs real-time tracking of client requests and stores that data to form big-picture insights about what a client may be trying to do.

Track behavior based on IP address, User-Agent string, session ID, and request path, and much more. Generated metrics include requests/sec, total number of requests made, errors/sec, total number of errors, byte rates, and more.

LAYER 4 – Web Application Firewall (WAF)

HAProxy Enterprise provides a fourth layer of defense: an integrated triple-mode Web Application Firewall (WAF). The WAF detects and stops Layer 7 attacks including SQL injection and cross-site scripting.

The HAProxy Enterprise WAF comes with support for ModSecurity rulesets, zero-trust mode, and an optional, simplified, set-and-forget SQLi / XSS WAF mode. Learn more about the HAProxy Enterprise WAF.


The HAProxy Guide to Multilayered Security

HAProxy gives you the building blocks to create a strong, layered defense against DDoS, malicious bot traffic, vulnerability scanners and more. Using its flexible configuration language, you’ll learn to:


  • Protect your services from application-layer DDoS attacks
  • Identify and stop malicious bots
  • Harness the power of the HAProxy Enterprise WAF to counter sophisticated, Layer 7 attacks like SQL injection and cross-site scripting
ebook - The HAProxy Guide to Multilayered Security

Learn how leading companies implement HAProxy Enterprise security solutions

Our customers use HAProxy Enterprise to achieve the utmost performance, observability, and security. HAProxy Enterprise security solutions are deployed to protect some of the most popular websites in the world.

HAProxy Enterprise Security Features Include

Reverse Proxy

Proxy all traffic from the Internet to your application servers through HAProxy Enterprise, exposing only intended services and logging requests.

HTTP Validation

Validate that requests comply with the protocol specifications before sending them on to application servers.

WAF Module

Enable the high performance Web Application Firewall, which supports multiple modes including custom signature-based support, zero-trust mode, and ModSecurity ruleset support.

Anomalous Behavior Protection

Combine multiple metrics about a client’s behavior for smarter routing and access decisions.

Dynamic ACL Updates

Update ACL, Map, or TLS ticket key files in memory normally loaded from disk during HAProxy Enterprise startup during runtime.

Advanced Application-Based DDoS Protection

Block requests from clients based on multiple metrics and criteria over a configurable time window.

Antibot Module

Send a Javascript challenge to requests selected by ACL rules.


Present a Google reCAPTCHA v2 or v3 challenge to clients that exhibit anomalous traffic patterns.

Fingerprint Module

Generate a unique identifier based on a client request.

Traffic Filtering

Use ACLs to detect any condition in HTTP(S) traffic and route or block the request as desired.

Search Engine Verification

Check the authenticity of any client that claims to be a search engine crawler and enforce response policies against those it categorizes as phony. The verification is performed in the background in real-time so that legitimate web crawlers are not blocked.

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